"Skyspy with my little iPhone"

SkySpy App

Test your GB geographic knowledge from the sky. SkySpy App is a game full of fun that consists of guessing the location of hundreds of GB locations from the sky.


SkySpy is the first App delivered by Centremaps & Laser Surveys. Using Get Mapping Imagery, SkySpy brings the Great British Isles alive like never before. Initially built on the Apple iOS  platform SkySpy can be used on iPhone & iPad.


SkySpy with my little iPhone


As an Ordnance Survey Premier Partner for over 10 years, Centremaps has consistently  delivered geospatial mapping and data  to the wider market. Using the mapping portal to allow customer to cut out just the area needed and download for immediate use.


Products available include: Ordnance Survey MasterMap, Historic Maps, LiDAR & Height Data, Utility Services Stats Searches, Environmental Data & Reports and Aerial Imagery

Laser Surveys

Established in 1975 and is now one of the UKs largest Land and Building Surveying Companies.


Services include:

Laser Scanning & 3D Modelling - Land Surveys - Measured Building Surveys - Rebar Surveys

Drainage Connectivity - CCTV Drainage Surveys - Flow Monitoring

Underground Services Surveys - Utility Stats Searches v

Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) - Subsurface Void Measurement Surveys

Flood Reports - LiDAR Height Data - Ordnance Survey Digital Data


Map Labs

Map Labs is the R&D development arm of Centremaps. Beavering away until the wee small hours our team are constantly looking for new and exciting ways to deliver geo-spatial data.


SkySpy App was conceived in the Map Lab cave late one evening demonstrating Centremaps commitment to be at the forefront of Mapping and Data delivery.


Many of the more whacky ideas never get get off the ground...   you'll be pleased to know!

The British Isles are jam packed, chock-a-block full of interesting places and buildings.


Buckingham Palace,

Houses of Parliament, Stonehenge & Wembley Stadium are all iconic British sites...


...But Can you spot them from the sky??


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